Singapore – StarHub has launched a revamped E City. The revamp includes the introduction of new programming such as Korean variety shows featuring Korean celebrities to cater to younger audiences; soap dramas from Taiwan and Korea to appeal to heartland audiences; and educational and entertainment programmes for children aged four to 14 years. StarHub adjusted the timings of selected programmes to cater to the viewing habits of the various target audiences. Idol dramas showing on weekdays, are shifted from 7pm to 10pm. In addition, StarHub will be working with TVBI Company Limited to bolster its content on two existing channels – VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) and TVBJ (StarHub TV Channel 838) by end of 2011. Plans are in place to refresh VV Drama’s primetime belts with TVB dramas anchoring weekend programming at 8pm. The broadcast of weekday Taiwanese soap dramas will also be extended to two episodes each evening to satisfy viewers who want to catch more of their favourite shows. Customers who are ardent fans of TVB dramas will also be able to enjoy non-stop viewing of the dramas on weekdays from 8pm to 12 midnight. TVBJ will be revitalising its line-up of content by replacing the current delayed news telecast with ‘live’ news from Hong Kong during weekday primetime belts of 6.30am and 11.00pm. To cater to audiences who prefer to watch TVB dramas in the original Cantonese language, TVBJ will be creating a new time-belt to feature drama series concurrently aired on VV Drama. The channel also intends to enhance its range of content to include more up-to-date variety and lifestyle programmes from existing TVB channels in Hong Kong. StarHub will launch the Korean channels – ONE (StarHub TV Channel 823), ONE HD (StarHub TV Channel 876) on April 9, and KMTV Channel (StarHub TV Channel 846) will be launching in upcoming months.