There is no doubt that documentary making is at an all-time high in Asia. Formerly the playground for big foreign producers and channels, today more local talent are getting their break in this diverse genre. Of all the formats and programmes being produced here, the one with the biggest export potential is factual programming. Today’s Asian audiences are also keen to see more of these programmes and channels are responding to viewers’ expectations commissioning more stories that resonate with specific viewers and territories. But the real currency is in the treasure trove of tales still to be unearthed and it’s up to filmmakers and content providers to keep pushing the envelope and taking on subjects from all walks of life, be they controversial or just plain different. Not just open eyes and minds but also conversation and inspire healthy debate. With now more channels driving content and initiatives to give first-time documentary filmmakers assistance, this year is looking to be a productive one for the genre, locally and internationally. Things at our end are also pushing forward. From this month, we begin a daily Newsflash service and – along with some other online tweaks – also launch’s video portal, featuring latest content and launches along with exclusive interviews and previews. See this issue for links to the site, your feedback is always welcome.