Seoul – More than 300 documentary makers, producers and commissioning editors have descended on Seoul this week for the second annual Asian Side of the Doc. The four-day event, which debuted in Hong Kong last year, is organised by Sunny Side of the Doc (SSD) and Bang Singapore Pte Ltd. It provides a platform for Asian-based independent filmmakers to pitch and discuss projects with some of the top producers and documentary broadcasters. Keiko Bang, president of Bang, said this year “documentary making in Asia is entering a new era. It is a time of much change and confidence for documentary makers and their stories.” The opening night party, which featured an energized performance by both traditional Korean and modern B-Bop dancing was also attended by Korean movie celebrity – and documentary fan – Lee Byung Hun. Yves Jeanneau, general manager of SSD, told TVAPlus that this year’s forum and market is building on the strengths of documentary makers and channels worldwide. “I hope that through us bringing these people together, great things will happen. “Asian filmmakers see commissioning editors from all across Europe and America coming here to see their work. That gives them strength and makes them feel part of the club. It’s all positive.” Asian Side of the Doc runs until Thursday. Already plans for next year’s event, to be held in Singapore, are well underway, with an emphasis on how new media technologies can enhance the documentary genre. *Read more on the event and some of the selected documentary pitchers in an upcoming issue of TV ASIA.