Hong Kong – Reuters will distribute China Central Television’s (CCTV) content and scripted footage to more than 700 broadcasters across the US, Europe, Asia and Africa beginning February 10. The agreement with China’s state broadcaster marks the latest enhancement to its long-standing relationship with Reuters and will span political, economic, social, cultural, sports, and entertainment news categories. This announcement follows the launch of Reuters America, the first phase in the global transformation of the Reuters news agency. This transformation will offer Reuters clients a unified platform, delivering content from a variety of sources to meet the needs of publishers and broadcasters around the world. “We are pleased that Reuters will assign a dedicated channel for CCTV News Content inside its TV distribution platform that will help CCTV in building its brand and international reputation as one of the world’s leading broadcasters,” said Cao Ri, director of the International News Department, CCTV. Reuters Chinese News, the company’s Chinese language wire service, has been available since 1992. Most recently Cn.Reuters.com was ranked China’s leading international news portal by China Internet Weekly.