Singapore – SCI FI Channel in Asia will become Syfy Universal in July, launching its new look with the exclusive premiere of Stargate Universe (SGU). At 11pm (SG, HK) and 10pm (TH, JKT) on 26 July 2010, viewers of the channel will get their first glimpse of the newly rebranded Syfy Universal as the hit series debuts. The rebrand is part of NBC Universal’s multi-million dollar plan to reposition its global network of pay-tv channels around five new core brands – Syfy Universal, Studio Universal, Diva Universal, 13TH STREET Universal and Universal Channel – under the banner of Universal Networks International. The core channel rebrand underlines NBC Universal’s ongoing pay-TV channels expansion towards 100 international channels, led by Roma Khanna, president, Universal Networks International, investing in original content production and HD rollout (already in UK, France, Japan and Portugal) as central priorities to the growth strategy.