Bangkok/Jakarta/Kuala Lumpur/Manila/Singapore – MTV unveiled 20 candidates for the MTV VJ Hunt 2010. Audiences can now log on to the MTV VJ Hunt microsite: to vote the next generation of MTV VJs. The 20 individuals are currently embarking on a five-week competition that will test their abilities to engage their audience on various platforms and in varied areas of interests. Each candidate has been given his or her own profile page on the MTV VJ Hunt microsite: where they assume absolute control over its editorial content. In the weeks ahead, MTV will be posting challenges to further showcase the candidates’ abilities. Visitors to the microsite can vote for their favourite candidates and their blogs. The process will also eliminate candidates from the running to identify five finalists, whom the audience feels most represent today’s youth culture and possess the most qualities of a MTV VJ. For vested audience, voting is from now till 23 July 2010. The profile pages of MTV’s handpicked candidates are now live on the internet.