According to a new report from iSuppli, the number of IPTV subscribers in China will double this year to reach 8.5mn by the end of the year (up from 4.4mn in 2009). The jump is attributed in the report to the official government push to accelerate convergence among the country’s various telecommunications, broadcast and Internet operators. While growth rates during the next three years will not equal the 2010 peak, IPTV development is expected to continue and display impressive momentum, reaching expansion rates as high as 51%, according to iSuppli. By 2014, IPTV subscribers in China are expected to exceed 31mn. Factors pushing IPTV growth in China between now and 2014 include Beijing’s continuing advancement of its triple-play convergence policy, the ongoing competition between telcos and broadcast operators to dominate their own territories, and the strategy among operators to bundle wireline and wireless broadband with IPTV services.