Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) and the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications (Intersputnik) announced that they have signed a substantial multi-transponder lifetime lease agreement for capacity on board the ABS-2 satellite expected to launch in 2012. This multi-million dollar agreement with Intersputnik will represent the largest customer to date on the ABS-2 spacecraft for the lifetime lease of multiple Ku-band transponders on the new ABS-2 Russia/CIS Beam for Direct-to-Home and Video Services. Intersputnik’s core business is leasing satellite capacity to telecommunications operators, broadcasters and corporate customers under agreements with partner operators as well as providing full scale services for the establishment and operation of satellite network through its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding Ltd. “ABS has been in partnership with Intersputnik since the inception of ABS in 2006. We are currently providing Intersputnik with capacity on ABS-1 and also work very closely with Intersputnik on a number of different strategic opportunities. This agreement for new capacity on ABS-2 signifies the close, long-term, strategic relationship with Intersputnik and our continued support for their long-term business objectives,” said Tom Choi, Chief Executive Officer of ABS.