MIPCOM/London – NBC Universal has unveiled five revitalized global channel brands delivering new original, first-run content targeted at local audiences around the globe. NBC Universal has made a multi-million dollar investment in the repositioned flagship portfolio of five brands, strategically aligned to reflect universal entertainment experiences. Each channel name and logo has been newly designed to build upon the parent company’s Universal equity and heritage. Universal Channel is a flagship entertainment channel, with world class shows, characters and stories that connect on a deeper level. 13th STREET Universal deals in drama from the world of crime and suspense, with danger and intrigue at every twist and turn. Syfy Universal is the original science fiction and fantasy channel, offering a broad range of imagination-based entertainment. Diva Universal is a women’s entertainment channel that celebrates living life fully, with a feel-good mix of great drama, escapism and sassy reality shows. Studio Universal shares the world’s favourite movies and the stories behind them. As an extension of this move, the name of NBC Universal’s Global Networks division becomes Universal Networks International. Universal Networks International will be supporting and investing these five flagship brands with new, first-run, original content. A new investment in original content will result in exclusive world premiere first-run shows appearing on Syfy and 13th STREET Universal starting in October 2010. Content will be further bolstered by global acquisition deals, strong studio content, original content from NBCU International TV Productions (headed by Denise O’Donoghue), as well as 360 content rights agreements which support the digital rollout of Syfy’s web presence alongside other Universal Networks International digital initiatives. In full consultation and collaboration with local affiliates and partners, the newly revitalized brands will begin rolling out in international territories from early 2010, with the first rollout being Syfy Universal in France in Jan 2010. Latin America will be launching Studio Universal in February 2010. The core brands will reach 130 countries and over 150m households towards the end of next year. The brand revitalization is part of Universal Networks International’s ongoing expansion, growing from 14 channels in 2007 to around 70 channels in 2009, initially boosted by the acquisition of Sparrowhawk in 2007 and subsequently augmented by a steady and incremental programme of international channel launches. The introduction of HD on key platforms remains a priority as Universal Networks International grows towards 100 channels in 2010.