Los Angeles, CA/ San Bruno, CA – MGM Worldwide Digital Media (MGM) and YouTube announced a multiple channel commitment that kicks off with Impact, a channel dedicated to promoting MGM’s VOD high octane action programming and American Gladiators, a channel which showcases highlights and full episodes from the classic show that took America by storm during the 1980s and 1990s. MGM’s Impact launched as a VOD offering in partnership with Comcast and has gathered more than 12 million views since launching in August. The YouTube Impact channel will feature a host of clips from MGM action films such as Rocky, Ronin, Legally Blonde, and The Magnificent Seven in addition to a sampling of action television shows and full length movies like Lone Wolf McQuade and Bulletproof Monk as well as a variety of clips from classic MGM action films similar to those shown on its Comcast counterpart. The Impact and American Gladiator YouTube channels will be refreshed with new videos every month and will be ad-supported. MGM has plans to launch additional channels on YouTube in the near future.