Cannes – William Morris Agency (WMA) has struck a deal with Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) to represent ten scripted and non-scripted formats in the US and UK. KBS’ non-scripted formats being represented by WMA include Happy Together Friends, in which celebs reunite with their former classmates, and gameshow Golden Bell Challenge which has already been licensed in Vietnam. One of the scripted formats is Marriage Clinic – Love and War which dramatizes real-life divorce cases. Kevin Kwon, Head of KBS’ Global Strategy Team told Television Asia Plus that he considers this a very profitable area for KBS potentially. “Five percent of production costs will go to KBS, which becomes very lucrative when productions budgets are around US$1 million per episode.” Kwon also shared KBS’s US$9 million worth of sales concluded at BCWW in Korea, September 3-5 2008. KBS’s export sales are up 89 percent on 2007, with BCWW sales to Japan including weekly dramas You are My Destiny and Cooking U Romance; and epic dramas The Great King, Sejong and The Iron Empress.