Televisa Internacional, the international distribution arm of Grupo Televisa and a worldwide leader in the sale of programming and formats in Spanish, will present a wide variety of releases at MIPCOM this year. New releases to be presented at MIPCOM include A Blow to the Heart – the story of Valentina Lopez, an excellent professional boxer, whom everyone calls ‘The Monkey’ for her love of climbing trees when she was a child; Oath of Love – a story about two families, the Madrigals and the Fregosos that explores the many facets of love; Don’t Mess With an Angel – takes viewers through the harrowing life of the heroine, Marichuy; Dear Enemy – a story about Lorena, the heir of a great fortune; My Love for You – a story that probes into the subject that living with others can at times be complicated; and Nobody’s Women revolves around the lives of four nurses working in a public hospital. Televisa Internacional will also release two of its most exciting series at MIPCOM – Terminals and The Panther.