National Geographic Television International (NGTI) is launching a diverse slate of factual programmes at MIPCOM this year. In wildlife, Mysteries of the Moose (1 x 52) takes a look at these shy and wily creatures, while Chameleon Beach (1 x 52) follows chameleons living by a lagoon in Greece. Cassowaries (1 x 52), a BK Films production for ABC, BBC and ZDFE, provides a glimpse into the life of one of the world’s most bizarre and majestic birds. Superpride (1 x 52) tracks a massive pride of lions as it moves across the Serengeti and three popular NGT series return with new seasons: Hunter Hunted 4 (6 x 52), Dangerous Encounters 3 (4 x 52) and World’s Deadliest Animals 2 (4 x 52). Lead environment titles like Earth Report 2 (1 x 52), is the second in a series taking the annual pulse of the planet; Eco-Engineering (3 x 52) investigates how to power the planet and build big while still being green. In history, two of the lead titles are Stonehenge Decoded (1 x 52/1 x 90) and Druid Sacrifice (1 x 52). NGTI recently acquired a new history show from regular independent production partner, Electric Pictures. Produced for ABC and ZDF, Hunt for HMAS Sydney (1 x 52) tells the gripping story of the search for an Australian warship that was sunk at the hands of the Germans in 1941, taking all its 645 crew to a watery grave. New science titles include Moment of Death (1 x 52), and Megastructure Breakdown (2 x 52), a new series about dismantling some of the world’s biggest structures. NGTI’s society/current affairs slate sees a fourth season of the popular prison series Lockdown (6 x 52) and introduces Congo Bush Pilots: Jungle Flyers (1 x 52) and Murder in the Snow (1 x 52). NGTI’s Kids division is also formally launching its new pre-school animated series Toot & Puddle (52 x 11) at MIPCOM.