Kuala Lumpur – MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd (MEASAT) announced that the launch of its latest spacecraft, MEASAT-3a, originally scheduled for 21 August 2008, had been postponed. The postponement was due to a technical issue at the launch site. The issue is currently being assessed by Orbital Sciences, the spacecraft’s manufacturer, with preparations under way for the spacecraft to be returned to the Orbital facility in Dulles, US for repair. “While unfortunate, our technical team is working closely with Orbital Sciences, Intelsat Corporation (the launch services provider), and SeaLaunch (Intelsat’s subcontractor) to ascertain the most prudent approach to repair the spacecraft and prepare it for a revised launch date, which will be announced in due course,” said Paul Brown-Kenyon, COO of MEASAT. The company says the postponement will have no impact on the services provide by the company to existing customers and no material impact on the company’s financial results for the current financial year.