Miami – Telemundo-RTI’s El Cuerpo Del Deseo has become one of the most viewed in the Philippines, despite competing against the country’s most successful local production. According to the Philippine television ratings system, El Cuerpo Del Deseo, which airs on canal ABS-CBN, has managed to lead the 15:30 timeslot, reaching a 20.2 rating and outdelivering Magdusa Ka, a novela airing on Canal GMA, which garnered a 19.8 rating. The success of the production causes a great deal of sensation in Latin America, Europe, Asia and even Africa. El Cuerpo Del Deseo has been an audience favorite in Argentina, Spain, Kenya, India, Romania and Mexico, among other territories, and has been sold in 70 countries. The story tells the story of a wealthy businessman named Pedro José Donoso (García), who had all he wanted, including the love of the young and beautiful Isabel Arroyo (Rojas). Salvador Cerinza (Mario Cimarro) is a young and humble countryman, who is dedicated to his family. Pedro José and Salvador die at the same time, and the spirit of the older Pedro Jose is reincarnated in the young body of Salvador, allowing him to search for everything he lost.