Singapore/Hong Kong – Youth cable channel Animax has launched LaMB, a new HD entertainment showcase for TV, the Internet and mobile platforms. LaMB is the first original HD production from Animax and is the first animation programme produced under the US$6million Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and SPE Networks–Asia Joint Production Fund. The fund targets to offer Singapore-based media companies opportunities to work on ‘world class’ productions. The LaMB initiative is designed to appeal to ‘Digital Natives’, a demographic group identified as having grown up in the mobile and Internet era, as a key initiative under Animax’s strategic drive to engage youth audiences. Created by amateur Filipino writer Carmelo S. J. Juinio, LaMB was runner-up in the Animax Awards, a regional script-writing competition held in 2007 that attrctd 3,000 submissions. To be produced by Singapore-based production house Peach Blossom Media, the LaMB animated feature centres on the protagonist along with others who, upon conviction for crimes, are sealed in ‘laminated’ suits (LaMBs) to provide human creativity and labour to society as slaves. A campaign for LaMB will run across multiple platforms through six months of activities before and after the movie premiere on Animax channel. Prequels to LaMB will be available from the second half of 2008 as a series of web manga (comics) and graphic novels delivered online and mobile. Also to be available are mobile and online games for the property where viewers can choose to be pro-LaMBs or become rebels to free LaMBs. Following the premiere, specially edited mobisodes with differences in sequence will be made available to offer different perspectives of the story. Also to be rolled out are new marketing and advertising opportunities for digital media and TV platforms including product and brand placement as well as integration.