Singapore – Held as part of the ATF on Nov. 28, the Digital Future Symposium saw three panel discussions on content protection with panelists from broadcasters, academics and industry experts exploring the different types of new media and their impact on traditional forms of media. The event also saw the launch of Asia Pacific’s first Centre for Content Protection (CCP) as well as a luncheon cum showcase by content protection technology provider Verimatrix. With prevention of piracy and other forms of digital theft at the top of the agenda, a panel discussion on digital TV and electronics saw industry experts discuss strategies taken to ensure content is protected. Youji Itagaki, IPR Supervisor, Fuji TV Television Network, described Japan’s system of encrypting free-to-air content at the source as well as a “copy management” system where content in a hard drive disappears after a copy is made. Other panelists gave overviews of the different technologies including hardware and software being used to protect content. Set up with the support of the Motion Picture Association, the CCP aims to enhance media content and intellectual property protection in Asia. Its three areas of focus are the prevention of unauthorized redistribution of digital TV, education efforts to facilitate digital transition, and evaluation of technical solutions for legal downloads. Speaking at the launch, Isa Seow, Director, CCP, and Director of Technology Initiatives at the Motion Picture Association – International, said the centre will hold outreach events, seminars, training and research-related projects. Among the first to join CCP is Verimatrix, which aims to support the centre’s programs by providing industry knowledge and technical expertise. Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer at Verimatrix spoke at the Digital Future Symposium on “The Softer Side of DRM: Enabling Entertainment” and highlighted a layered approach to content protection to enable, rather than inhibit, future delivery business models.