Parthenon Entertainment will bring a range of factual and children’s programming, mostly in HD, to Asia Television Forum (ATF). The factual slate includes Superhuman (2X60’ HD), which explores the science behind human strength and power; Fight Science, a guide to becoming a fighter, and Sport Science, which views sports through the scientific perspective. All three were produced by Washington-based BASE Productions and combine HD footage with CGI motion captures. Also available will be How Does That Work?, a science show produced by Parthenon for Discovery Channel UK, available as a 18×30’ series or in modular form for insertion in magazine shows. Wildlife shows include Cheetah: Blood Brothers (1×60’ HD), which features a band of cheetahs hunting on Botswana’s Linyanti plains; King Cobra: Face to Face (1×60’), on villagers in Thailand who dance with snakes to attract tourists; and Hippo Hell (1×60’ HD), looking at endangered hippos in Zambia. Children’s programs include Ed and Eppa in the Wild, featuring HD footage and CGI that centres on two aliens in earth to learn about animals and their habitats; Hana’s Helpline (52×10’), puppet animation combining hand-crafted 3D models with 2D sets; and BBC’s children drama Roman Mysteries (20×30’HD/10×60’), which chronicles four children’s adventures in ancient Rome.