Tokyo- NHK’s 24-hour international TV channel, NHK World TV, will air 14 atomic bomb related programmes this August to promote peace. The shows were broadcast by NHK in Japan between 1975 and 2004 and will air for the first time on its international TV channel. Titles to be shown are The People’s Pictures: Drawings of the A-bomb Aftermath; These Things We Left, Hiroshima’s Warning; Why Didn’t I Help? The Memories of 7,000 Survivors; Nagasaki: A Record of Life and Death; Hiroshima: The Fateful Ten Seconds; Nagasaki Reverberations, Dr Nagai’s Earnest Prayer; Contact Me, Please!; A-Bomb Exiles; Return to Ground Zero; Hiroshima’s Korean Legacy; Drawing A-Bomb Memories; Nagasaki: The A-bomb Class; After the A-Bomb: How Hiroshima Rose from the Ashes; and Sharing the Unspoken: The Nagasaki A-Bomb.