Zig Zag and ABC deals at MIPCOM

Zig Zag Productions and ABC International announce format deal for Japanese TV show.

ABC International Tearway Toys Zig Zag Productions


London/Cannes Zig Zag Productions and ABC International, the format sales division of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, announce an agreement that will see Zig Zag adapt hit TV show segment Power of Fantasy for the international market. Power of Fantasy has aired on ABC in Japan as a segment from popular long-running late night show Be-Bop! High Heel!

The format, which Zig Zag will rename Tearway Toys for international broadcasters, features hidden cameras capturing unruly kids pranked into believing their toys are talking to them, discussing their bad behaviour. The resulting conversations are cute, hilarious and sometimes mind blowing as kids reveal their innermost thoughts to a toy affectionately voiced live by a kindly, comedic presenter.

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