Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV) in Japan and NTV in Mongolia announced that the Mongolian version of The Rolling Kitchen, YTV’s exciting cooking show format, has been produced and is to premiere on Sunday, 4th April 2021 on NTV. 

In this spectacular studio-based cooking show, two couples compete to see which team can create the best dish to win a cash prize. Within 40 minutes, couples need to cooperate and create two dishes. However, the kitchens are separated and conversations about the cooking process are prohibited. And here is the twist: Every 10 minutes, the kitchen rotates 180 degrees. The husband must take over the wife’s dish and the wife must take over the husband’s. Couples need to read each other’s minds and estimate the cooking procedure to win. They are expected to create the best dish with bonds of love.

On NTV Mongolia, a series of 12 episodes will be broadcast at 18:45-20:05, primetime on Sundays, starting on 4th April 2021. In the Mongolian version, the contestants are not only husbands and wives, but also friends, colleagues, and others. The original format was broadcast in Japan in September 2018 and launched for international sales at MIPTV 2019. The format is currently represented by Global Agency for Europe and the Middle East (excluding Turkey) and by YTV for the rest of the world.

Norihiro Miyamoto, General Manager, Content Business Department, YTV said, “More than a year has passed since the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide. It has been a year for the world to face this unprecedented threat, but it has also been the year for those with their families or partners to spend their time together at home, more than ever. Sometimes you may find that things work well or do not work well when you spend so many hours together. Our game show format “The Rolling Kitchen” could give the viewers a window to look into such domestic scenes. We are very honored that NTV, Mongolia is localizing this format. We are confident that this game show will provide entertainment to everyone in the world across the borders, reflecting what goes on in every household or relationship that the viewer can relate to.”

Amarjargal. B, Head of Production Department, NTV added, “The selection process for YTV’s “The Rolling Kitchen” was very quick. We fell in love at first sight. After watching the pilot episode in English, we were already discussing this as our next cooking show and the management decided to do the production. TV stations in many countries will definitely show interest in this format. We are delighted to be the first TV station in the world to do a full season. We were able to complete the research and production phase very quickly. After the successful completion of the recording of the first season, we are now working to deliver it to the audience.”