And Now Global has reached a significant milestone with its biggest acquisition to date. The Vancouver-based Canadian distributor picked up seven new producers and 100+ hours of content for international distribution just ahead of Digital MIPTV this April. 

And Now Global’s robust slate of newly acquired series includes Classical Stretch (138x30min HD; a long-time fitness program airing on US Public Television that targets Adults 50 & up), Fly Brother with Ernest White II (10x30min HD; a brand-new travel show airing on PBS and Create TV in the US), Camera Gags (26x30min 4K; a new hidden camera episodes) and Toy Seekers (26x5min animated shorts for kids from Hungary). 

“2020 was an unprecedented year, and we took this unique opportunity to laser-focus on preparing, curating and bringing to fruition our most vigorous acquisition plan to date,” shared Eric Y. Lapointe, President, And Now Global. “Further to this, we launched an all-new digital-delivery service, created an industry podcast called ‘Global VID’ and continued to build incredible partnerships with foreign distributors for Canadian sales. We are excited to see our dedicated efforts finally come together and have the chance to represent our offerings starting at MIPTV.” 

Other noteworthy titles include two Canadian drama movies: Tulipani, Honour, Love and a Bicycle, Bella Ciao! and the US documentary, JonBénet’s Tricycle.

Tulipani, Honour, Love and a Bicycle (HD 1x90min) directed by Mike Van Diem, is a co-production with Netherlands and Italy by Toronto-based DCTV Productions. Tulipani, Honour, Love and a Bicycle tells an extraordinary intersecting story of a Dutch peasant – a man with old-fashioned ideas about honour and fairness – and a timid female Canadian introvert whose involuntary journey to Italy will be one of self-discovery as she becomes one with her unknown past.

Bella Ciao! (HD 1x90min), a Carolyn Combs film by Commercial Drive Productions, unfolds over the course of one day. The story hinges on Constanza (Carmen Aguirre), a Chilean refugee and activist whose relationship with her daughter is tested by serious health concerns. But this is just one thread amidst a variety of characters who come from all walks of life: artists, hustlers, restaurateurs, and the coffee house consiglieri who all converge in Vancouver’s multicultural hub.

JonBénet’s Tricycle (HD 1x90min) combines a fascinating look into the subculture world of memorabilia collectors with fortune-telling and amateur crime investigation to talk about one of the strangest items in Andrew Novick’s collection –the tricycle that once belonged to JonBénet Ramsey, the child beauty queen who was killed in her family’s Boulder, Colorado home in 1996.