Top – 10 UK Distributor Passion Distribution announces the launch of a new initiative to support producers and continue to provide exceptional and thought-provoking unscripted content to international buyers.

Unveiling a new Producers Programming Brief, Passion Distribution is able to share the latest market intelligence focused on the current needs of the international market. Keen to discuss opportunities for pre-sales, deficit- funding, and coproductions, as well as the best strategy to maximise the potential revenue for programmes and formats roll-out on the international market.

The Programming Brief will be shared with key existing partners as well as a wider selection of UK based independent producers.

Passion Distribution’s wish list for new unscripted content includes the following:

  • Entertainment – Formats, Gameshows, Dating and Competition Reality programing which is strippable and r high budget event TV
  • Factual Entertainment – Character-driven, entertaining, and with a purpose
  • Premium Factual – Ambitious, “landmark” or definitive takes on a topic across History, Engineering or Science
  • Factual – Quality factual, which covers everyday topics in either an investigative manner or fast turnaround
  • Lifestyle – Aspirational, escapist programming that is positive and uplifting across genres such as Food, property, travel or weddings.
  • Crime – High profile murders – New angles or landmark take on covered story or unknown stories or also high volume, story of the week

Sean Wheatley, Head of Acquisitions said, “As a global distributor, Passion Distribution is looking for a wide variety of unscripted programmes that meet the differing needs of clients. Most producers found 2020 to be a difficult year, though we know many found innovative ways to continue to produce new shows.  Passion Distribution is looking forward to new opportunities in 2021 and we are reaching out to Producers and content makers for new, unmissable shows whether they’re entertainment formats or single documentaries.” 

Passion Distribution specialises in stand-out unscripted content across all platforms, ranging from award-winning current affairs to long-running entertainment franchises. Key successes of the last year include The Great Plague, The Nazis of Nuremberg, Dynamo: Beyond Belief, QE2: The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel, and Handmade in Africa.

Passion Distribution’s catalogue includes iconic brands such as Robot Wars, Wors Driver, An Idiot Abroad, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, and Paradise Hotel. International hit shows include Rupaul’s Drag Race, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, Make You Laugh Out Loud, Strangest Weather on Earth, and Dr. Christian Will See You Now.