We did it, folks! We made it through the tough year that was 2020, and the team at Dimsum Entertainment hopes that all our viewers are ready for a fresh 2021. Let’s banish any lingering ghosts of 2020 with new additions to the Dimsum Entertainment lineup!

There’s still joy to be found in old comforts; that’s why our fresh 2021 lineup includes the best of Thai entertainment that viewers have come to expect from Dimsum Entertainment. January’s offerings include The Seer, a crime drama with a twist, and Girls Next Room, a four-chapter series filled with the purest and fluffiest of romance.

Dimsum Entertainment will also be teaming up with our friends at SBS to bring you four classic K-Dramas: Pinocchio, Master’s Sun, and I Can Hear Your Voice. Trends come and go with the times, but we hope that the K-Wave is here to stay because we can’t get enough of all this daebak entertainment!

To all the kids and parents out there, don’t think Dimsum Entertainment has forgotten about you. Entertainment is for everyone, which is why we will be introducing new kids’ shows to our lineup. Would you believe it if we said that the most-viewed star in the world is joining us? That’s right, everyone’s favourite Baby Shark is paying Dimsum Entertainment a visit.

The Seer | 24 Episodes

the seer
Courtesy of Dimsum Entertainment

When a girl is found murdered and buried in an unusual way, astrologist Maha Krating recognizes the signs of an ancient ritual. He begins to suspect that the murder of the girl is only the first in a series of killings, as the mastermind will have to sacrifice four women representing the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Thus begins Maha Krating’s fight to stop the killer before they can complete the rite that will change the fate of the world they live in, putting unimaginable power in the killer’s hands.

Cast: Patiparn Pataweekarn, Sean Jindachot & Camilla Kittivat Kirn

Girl Next Room | Miniseries | 4 Titles

girl next room
Courtesy of Dimsum Entertainment

Girl Next Room follows the romantic capers of four very different girls living in the Jamjan Boarding House.

Sundae, a girl torn between her ex-boyfriend and potential new love, is the star of Motorbike Baby. Sundae has trust issues from having her heart broken one too many times, but will this love triangle result in a love-forever-after?

In Midnight Fantasy, timid Mimi who is living away from home for the first time finds comfort in a late-night radio programme hosted by the warm and kind DJ Titan. However, staying up all night means Mimi has to catch her Z’s in class! When her angry professor makes her write a report with fellow sleepyhead Tan, Mimi begins to notice similarities between Tan and DJ Titan.

Richy Rich follows the story of Daenglek, a rich university student who loves to show off, earning her the nickname “Duchess”. Enter Krathing – who knows all about Duchess’ past as a girl from a poor family. What will Duchess do now that she risks being exposed?

Finally, we have a tale of forbidden love in Security Love, when rising star View Viva falls for Fai, the security guard at Jamjan Boarding House. Fai is kind, considerate, and always makes time for View whenever she faces problems. By all accounts, he seems to be the perfect boyfriend. However, View fears that the media will find out she is dating a security guard.

Cast: Daraneenute Pasutanavin, Worranit Thawornwong (Mook), Juthapich Indrajundra, Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul (Mild) & Sarocha Burintr

Master’s Sun | SBS | 17 Episodes

master's sun
Courtesy of Dimsum Entertainment

Joo Joong-won is the cold and distant CEO of Kingdom, a conglomerate that includes a major department store and hotel. One day, he meets the gloomy Tae Gong-shil, a girl haunted by ghosts after an accident.

Their lives take a new turn as they discover that the ghosts surrounding Gong-shil disappear whenever she touches Joong-won. After much pleading from Gong-shil, Joong-won allows her to stay by his side. In return, she must help him recover a fortune that was stolen from him during a kidnapping attempt.

Cast: So Ji-sub, Gong Hyo-jin

Pinocchio | SBS | 20 Episodes

Courtesy of Dimsum Entertainment

Kim Ha-myung grew up in a happy and normal family. However, his family life is destroyed when his firefighter father dies in an explosion at a waste facility. To make matters worse, the media uses Ha-myung’s father as a scapegoat in the factory explosion.

Ha-myung’s life continues in a downward spiral as his mother commits suicide – and attempts to take Ha-myung with her. He is rescued by a kind and elderly man, who believes that Ha-myung is his eldest son.

Ha-myung embraces his new life and begins to live with the man and his granddaughter, who suffers from Pinocchio syndrome. Meanwhile, Ha-myung’s older brother seeks revenge against the reporters who destroyed his family with their false stories.

Cast: Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang & Lee Yu-bi

I Can Hear Your Voice | SBS | 18 Episodes

i can hear your voice
Courtesy of Dimsum Entertainment

Jang Hye-sung is an apathetic lawyer with no filter and no care for her clients. Her life is turned on its head when she encounters a high school student Park Soo-ha, who can read people’s minds. Soo-ha gained this “gift” after witnessing his father’s murder as a child. He discovers that his encounter with Hye-sung was a miracle of fate, as she is the witness who gave the brave and decisive testimony that put his father’s killer away.

As Hye-sung works with Soo-ha to bring down a killer with a personal vendetta, she gradually begins to change her jaded attitude.

Cast: Lee Bo-young, Lee Jong-suk & Yoon Sang-hyun

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