Yellow, Black and White (YBW), one of Russia’s largest entertainment studios, announced the global premiere of Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles, with the first episode screening at MIPCOM on 13th October. 

Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles is a brand-new TV series adaption of the tale following the world’s most famous private investigator, reimagined to take place in 19th Century St Petersburg against a backdrop of the country’s most famous landmarks and sites.

Directed by Nurbek Egen and written by Oleg Malovichko, the series follows Sherlock Holmes from London to the Russian Empire as he tries to hunt down a suspected serial murderer. Giving the story a unique twist, viewers will find that Holmes’ reputation as a talented crime solver has not yet reached St. Petersburg and consequently, no one takes the great detective seriously.

In this glossy and exciting mystery thriller, Holmes is joined by new sidekicks, Dr. Kartsev and Sophia who rally around him to solve crimes despite constant conflict with the local police force.

The cast of the series is led by Maksim Matveyev as Sherlock, alongside Irina Starshenbaum as Sophia, Konstantin Bogomolov as Znamenskiy, and Vladimir Mishukov as Dr. Kartsev. The series will premier in Russia on YBW’s streaming service START on 22nd October.

Daria Bondarenko, EVP International Sales, and Acquisitions of Yellow, Black and White says, “Sherlock Holmes is a British icon known and adored around the world. The series pays respect to the great works of the past, and of course, is heavily influenced by the stories of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. We’ve taken Sherlock to Russia and introduced him to a whole new world, with familiar and new villains confronting him throughout the series. It’s packed full of action, has a brilliant plot, and the production standards are incredibly high. All finished with a good touch of humour in a way that will appeal to international audiences looking for high quality and exciting new drama.”