Teads, the Global Media Platform, and BBC Global News, the BBCs commercially funded international 24-hour news platform, announce an exclusive partnership to more effectively power the monetization of editorial content through rich media display advertising. Teads will be exclusively offering in-article video ad formats across desktop, mobile, and in-app BBC Global News properties across all markets. These include, but are not limited to, the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and the Middle East, with Europe following soon.

In 2020, trusted sources of information are more important than ever. According to the 2020 Global Audience Measure, the overall reach of the BBC has increased 11%, to 468 million. This includes 151 million digital users around the world who access BBC News each week, an annual increase of 13%. The 2020 Reuters Digital News Report found that the BBC was the most trusted single news source in the United States. Around the world, the BBC is the most trusted international news broadcaster.

This partnership builds on the two organisationsexisting relationship, with Teads already providing in-article video monetization across the publishers desktop and mobile properties. The new multi-year agreement will enable Teads to deliver its entire suite of video and display formats, including those optimized for performance advertising, and empower BBCs direct sales teams to leverage Teads for Publishers Enterprise Suite (including Teads Audiences and Teads Studio) to offer those same ad experiences directly to their clients. BBC Global News will also be able to extend these monetization capabilities to its mobile apps via Teads In-App SDK for iOS and Android.

Errol Baran, SVP Business Development and Innovation at BBC Global News, comments: This year, were all rediscovering the true value of trusted, impartial information. With more people than ever turning to the BBC from all around the world, this is an optimum time to align our commercial opportunities with the scale of our audience and impact. This exclusive  deal with Teads allows us to grow inventory across all formats and platforms,  allowing brands to access the BBCs premium audience on a global scale.”

Eric Shih, Global SVP, Business Development at Teads adds: This partnership is a testament to the great relationship Teads has with BBC Global News. Premium news brands have experienced a challenging time over the last few months; although increasing numbers of consumers are turning to trusted news sources to stay informed, the economic impact of COVID-19 has cost publishers millions in lost advertising revenue. As a long term supporter of the worlds most trusted international news broadcaster, we look forward to further helping the BBC harness its growing digital presence and continue funding quality journalism.”