Winsing Animation has scheduled a lot of programmes airing in many places around the world.

The spin-offs GG Bond: Dino Diary S1 premiered in Singapore on 30 August 2020. This series is about the popular theme – dinosaurs. GG Bond and his fellows go back to Mesozoic Era to discover puzzles behind every fossil they find, to complete Dr. Mihoo’s mission. After every adventure, GG Bond will return to the museum with more information about dinosaurs. It not only brings a lot of fun to the kids in Singapore but also teaches them the knowledge of dinosaurs.

GOGOBUS will meet the audiences in Vietnam and Taiwan soon. This is a new animated property of Winsing, which is an edutainment program based on Social & Emotional Learning. The whole story is led by an AI school bus that can transform into several different vehicles to protect the children’s safety.

Crazy Candies S2&3 and Doby & Disy S5: Hello Dream! are also available in Thailand in September. Crazy Candies tells that a group of loving-life and happy candies live in a Candy Jar and try their best to satisfy one picky customer, who is seeking for a secret recipe hidden in somewhere in the world. Doby & Disy is two little bunnies travelling around the world with a Dream Airship to help kids realize their dreams. Whenever there is a need, these twins can always show up in time and get into children’s dreams with their magic power to assist kids in overcoming difficulties and getting ready to fulfill their dreams to be singers, dentists or magicians, etc. in the future.

With more and more different programs distributed to different territories, Winsing is developing its library with more diverse line-ups to provide funny and entertaining content to the audiences from all over the world.