KC Global Media Asia is embarking on a journey to drive growth in the Indonesian market and has taken a major step by strengthening the offering of ONE channel, the leading Korean entertainment channel in Asia. Tapping into local tastes and demands, KC Global Media Asia will be adding more fresh-from-Korea dramas and variety shows on ONE channel for Indonesian viewers by introducing an all-new schedule featuring a wide range of K-dramas and K-variety shows including the newest drama series Backstreet Rookie, fan-favourite Running Man, and Master in the House, as well as the long-running drama My Mother is Having an Affair.

KC Global Media Asia is helmed by former Sony executives, Andy Kaplan and George Chien, and seeks to bring relevant quality entertainment to Asian audiences through its channels such as AXN, Animax, GEM, and ONE. With the global popularity of South Korea’s entertainment industry and changing consumer tastes, Kaplan and Chien have chosen to seize this strategic opportunity and step up the volume of Korean entertainment across its Asian markets.

“As a brand that seeks to be nimble and responsive to what viewers want, we have chosen to forge ahead with relevant strategic partnerships and enhance our channel offerings to ensure we remain the premier entertainment hub in Asia. In recent years, South Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm, with content exported to Southeast Asia alone being valued to be worth over $1 billion. As the region’s biggest market, Indonesia represents a wealth of opportunities, and it makes perfect sense for us to expand our channel offerings here and bring much-loved Korean dramas and variety shows into the homes of our Indonesian viewers,” said George Chien, Co-Founder, President & CEO, KC Global Media Asia.

The entertainment and television industry worldwide is undergoing a monumental shift, with the need for constant reinvention and rejuvenation to stay relevant to customers who have increasingly abundant options available to them. It is critical for a leading network such as KC Global Media Asia to rise to the challenge and ensure it stays ahead of the competition. To do this, it is constantly on the lookout to discern different channels through which the business can drive growth and provide world-class entertainment for Asian audiences. By tapping into what consumers want and strengthening its strategic offering with ONE, KC Global Media Asia is in good stead to navigate the dynamic, changing world of entertainment and yield fruitful results through solid long-term strategy and key partnerships.