Keshet Studios and HBO’s Our Boys won the highest number of awards of any TV show this year; 14 awards in total – including Best Drama Series Award, Best Actor for Johnny Arbid, Best Actress for Ruba Blal Asfour, Best Photography for Yaron Scharf, plus Best Direction and Best Screenplay for Hagai Levi, Joseph Cedar and Tawfik Abu Wael.
The 10-part series, which aired on four major platforms in Israel and around the world last year, is based on the true events that led to the outbreak of war in Gaza in 2014. The series follows the investigation of Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s murder, and tells the story of all those involved, Jews and Arabs alike, whose lives were forever changed by these events.
Full list of awards won by Keshet at the 2019 Israeli Academy Awards ceremony:
Our Boys
  • Best Drama Series,
  • Best Actor in Drama | Johnny Arbid,
  • Best Actress in Drama | Ruba Blal Asfour,
  • Best Direction | Joseph Cedar, Tawfik Abu Wael, Hagai Levi,
  • Best Screenplay I Hagai Levi, Joseph Cedar, Yair Hizmi, Tawfik Abu Wael, Shuki Ben Naim, Noah Stollman,
  • Best Costume Design | Eve Levy Rosalsky,
  • Best Artistic Management | Arad Shawat,
  • Best Casting I Hila Yuval,
  • Best Recorder I Ashi Milo,
  • Best Original Music I Ishai Adar,
  • Best Soundtrack Design I Aviv Aldema,
  • Best Special Effects and Video Art I Dan Sachar, Daniel Flick,
  • Best Photography I Yaron Scharf,
  • Best Picture Editing I Einat Glaser-Zarhin, Yael Khersonsky.
What A Wonderful Country
  • Best Satire Show,
  • Best Screenplay for Satire Show,
  • Best Makeup | Liat Sheinin.
*Best Reality Show I Rising Star
*Best Entertainment Show | Standup Comedians with Reshef Levy
*Best Investigative Report Series I Uvda
*Best Actor in a Comic Series I Udi Kagan, Messiah
*Best Casting in a Reality Show I Sarit Cohen Bar Shamai, Married at First Sight