Global pump manufacturer Grundfos recently announced the launch of its new cloud-based service app in Thailand to reduce downtime for key infrastructure in the country.


The growth of consumer-centric apps reflects the country’s ambition for ‘Thailand 4.0’ – incorporating digitalisation in key processes to tackle common issues and challenges, which has already impacted sectors across banking, investment, telecom, broadcasting, e-commerce, logistics and tourism. In fact, 61 per cent of the Thai economy is projected to be ‘digitalised’ by 2022.


Complementing these efforts, Grundfos’ newly launched mobile app, SmArt Serv, leverages digitalisation to enable the smooth operation of Thailand’s key infrastructure, ranging from industries to water utilities that use Grundfos products. The SmArt Serv app is designed to provide prompt and efficient service to resolve any issues with Grundfos pumps, reducing the service process and minimising the downtime on any repair.


Grundfos pumps are used for various applications in Thailand, supporting key infrastructures such as airports, transport systems, commercial buildings including medical institutes and shopping complexes, and industries. These applications range from water distribution for consumers to water temperature regulation in air-conditioning in commercial buildings to wastewater management.