KTH in South Korea has acquired 504 episodes (various lengths) of Skyship Entertainment content, which includes Super Simple Songs, Super Simple Draw, Super Simple ABCs, Turn and Learn ABCs, Pratfall, Milo’s Monster School Vlog, Finley’s Factory, Mr Monkey, Monkey Mechanic, The Bumble Nums, Treetop Family, Carl’s Carwash, Paper Puppet Playhouse, Pit Stop, and Sing Along with Tobee. This huge slate of live action and animated content features song and dance in learning-filled episodes, set in a wide range of worlds for young children to explore.


D360 has placed four titles with specialist kids channel Da Vinci. In the multi-award-winning series MathXplosion (50 x 3) – acquired by Da Vinci for nine Asian markets, including China and India – ‘mathemagician’ Eric Leclerc helps kids aged six to 11 foster a love of numbers in a fun, funny and approachable way, while in ScienceXplosion (45 x 3.5) – acquired for India – he shows the amazing ways that science can be found all around us. Both series are produced by GAPC Entertainment. Snapshots (6 x 30), winner of the 2018 International Emmy Kids Award for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment, will air in more than 30 Asian territories, including China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. Snapshots is a fun photographic series from Forte Entertainment that challenges talented kids to take the best possible photo. Finally, Spellz (52 x 12), acquired for nine territories including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China, and also produced by GAPC Entertainment, sees world-famous magician Jay Sankey, and kid assistant Bridget Hall, reveal the inner workings of some spectacular magic tricks.