ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, released its “Common Edge White Paper” to introduce its fully-convergent edge cloud platform, Common Edge. ZTE’s Common Edge solution includes an MEP capability exposure platform, a lightweight edge cloud, a full range of edge-oriented servers, and edge acceleration.


The solution features network capability exposure. More than 100 kinds of edge network information and capabilities, such as Wireless Indoor Positioning, RNIS (Radio Network Information Service), TCPO (TCP Optimization service) and VO (Video Optimization service), are exposed to the external, accelerating service innovation.


Oriented to full connection, ZTE’s Common Edge solution integrates access of wireless networks and fixed networks, supporting multiple systems, such as 4G/5G/WiFi.

Through in-depth integration of OpenStack and Kubernetes, the solution provides operators with a unified edge cloud view and a mature resource management system involving unified computing, unified network, unified storage and unified security, thereby improving management efficiency and resource utilization.


As an AI-based MEC unified cloud management platform, this solution provides unified management of central DC and edge cloud to implement unattended and automatic O&M of edge cloud.