Popular drama series Curi-Curi Cinta (CCC) on Astro Ria’s MegaDrama slot emerged as Malaysia’s ‘No. 1 Drama’ with 7.5 million viewers when the 28-episode drama was aired on Mondays to Thursdays, from 29th April to 13th June. Going beyond TV, CCC is also the most viewed drama on our digital platform with over 11 million views.


Additionally, CCC’s soundtrack, ‘Terlalu Memuja’ by award-winning composer Sharon Paul with lyrics by Fedtri Yahya and Gouffran, and songstress Wany Hasrita on vocals received over 3.8 million views on YouTube.


Directed by Raja Ahmad Alauddin, a renowned director, the drama featured a solid cast led by on-screen and off-screen couple, Aiman Hakim Redza and Zahirah Macwilson, alongside Fauziah Nawi, Adam Lee, Talha Harith, Uyaina Arshad, Melanie Tan, and Farisha Irwayu.