Bomanbridge Media, a Singapore-based content distribution and production agency is proud to announce it has licensed a deal to see Delicacy Hunter: On The Silk Road transmitted on National Geographic Asia. The 6 x 30’ series will be airing on National Geographic People from December 2018 as a special holiday event.


Chef Jamie’s success now leads to further exciting news with the recently announced Season 2 launch of the ‘Delicacy Hunter’ as Jamie travels in China and abroad. From one of China’s most remote regions in Gansu to the very heart of Europe in Germany, Jamie will not only get to meet and learn from Yu Gu and the Tibetan minorities, but also discover how the extensive exchange network once created by commerce is still very much alive today through food exchange. He will get to taste local specialties and witness how the Chinese and Europeans are benefitting from centuries-old culinary traditions along his travels to Europe’s gastronomic capital in Rome. Reversing the trails set by Marco Polo, Jamie is ready to bring back special recipes he’s encountered throughout his journey and to finally share them across the table with his Chinese friends.