MUMBAI – GoQuest Media Ventures, independent global distributor of Indian content, has launched its digital studios unit. Operations have kick-started with a development and distribution deal with Volkswagen, one of the most iconic global automobile brands.


For the past 8 years, the German multi-national has successfully organised the annual one-of-its-kind premium one-make car championship series across India.  Volkswagen began the championship with the Polo Cup in 2010 after going through various upgrades in terms of the race machines over the years, and is now running the Ameo Cup for 2018 with their most powerful racecar to date. GoQuest Digital Studios will manage the entire end-to-end content creation, distribution and brand engagement activities for this year’s Volkswagen Ameo Cup 2018.


One of the biggest OEM-supported motorsport divisions of India, the annual one-make circuit racing series has helped develop many stalwarts in the world of Indian motorsports.  GoQuest Digital Studios in its role will aim to facilitate the entire target audience engagement and bring out Volkswagen’s core values of safety, drivability and robustness to fans of the Volkswagen Ameo Cup.


GoQuest Digital Studios aims to move away from the conventional narrative of the show by adopting an extremely digital-savvy approach to reach out to the fast-moving audiences on digital and sports television channels.


Their objective is to provide the best brand integration opportunities through its unique blend of subtle storytelling with impeccable production value, helping Volkswagen’s partners to promote their products and establish a strong connect with the target audiences during the series.


The event being a one-make car championship where all the cars are developed and maintained by Volkswagen Motorsport India, celebrates an individual driver’s skill, knowledge, proficiency and courage, characteristics that GoQuest Digital Studios will look to focus on during every promotional activity throughout the event.


Additionally, it aims to distribute to multiple digital platforms including regional platforms in South India (TN, Kerala, AP, Telangana, Karnataka) where motorsport enjoys a massive fan following and loyalty.  To ensure content discovery, reach and engagement will be achieved by activating a digital marketing campaign and deploying strong social media engagement through daily contests, posts on FB, Instagram and Twitter to motorsport enthusiast communities across the country.


Elaborating on the promotional steps, Darshan Bhatt, Director of GoQuest Digital Studios said: “The Volkswagen Ameo Cup is an iconic series in itself and it gives us great joy to be able to work on it as our first project.  The stakes involved are huge.  It has a strong history of eight successful seasons and is probably one of the most anticipated events for motorsport enthusiasts in India.  The racing events invariably generate record audience footfall of 20,000+ each year and at every venue and the passion quotient is high.”


“Our strategy is to therefore strengthen the existing popularity of the event through continuous fan engagement through multiple channels and utilize this popularity to reach out to newer audiences.  The program incorporates psychographic, geographic and demographic valuables which presents a unique challenge for us as our very first end-to-end content creation and distribution project.  We look forward to a great baptism through our association with the Volkswagen Ameo Cup and are extremely hopeful that our comprehensive quality work in every step of the content cycle will live up to the value of brand Volkswagen,” Bhatt added.


Commenting on the objectives of the collaboration, Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said: “Our main discussion with GoQuest Digital Studios hovered around the goals of reaching out to wider audiences & establish a better connect with the existing users. We have seen racing being covered in a conventional manner so far in the country and we wanted them to take a different spin and built a different angle with a more human element. This will give the viewers who haven’t had the exposure to motorsport yet to connect with it, and brand Volkswagen, in a far more personal level.”


On GoQuest Digital Studios performance, Sirish further added: “We have been greatly impressed by the enthusiasm brought on by the GoQuest Digital Studios team and the unique ideas proposed by them so far. However, it is not only in terms of excitement but the immaculate level of planning that GoQuest Digital Studios has brought onboard which gives us high hopes for the popularity of this year’s series. We are looking forward to collaborate with the team more throughout the year and in the future, too/”


Established in April this year, GoQuest Digital Studios has already proved its mettle by associating with a massive project such as the Ameo Volkswagen Cup 2018.  Supported by GoQuest Media Ventures’ strong distribution network, GoQuest Digital Studios is on the path to becoming a major player in the crowded Indian content development and distribution industry.  Making full use of its robust and strong distribution and engagement network, GoQuest Digital Studios aims to make motorsports enthusiasts aware of and excited about the Volkswagen Ameo Cup 2018.