STOCKHOLM – Eccho Rights will be previewing two brand new Turkish dramas, Dreaming of You and Love Puzzle, as part of its line up at NATPE in Budapest next week.

In Dreaming of You (Meleklerin Aşkı), Yağmur, a sweet young man who has dedicated his life to his work at a retirement home, falls head over heels in love with one of the residents’ daughters.


Following an accident that forces his friend Rukiye to leave the home, he fears that he will never get to meet her daughter Melek again. But Rukiye is very keen on Yağmur and sees him as a perfect match for Melek, and in this family drama series, her mischief will bring the young couple together –  though not without some bumps along the way.


Dreaming of You is produced by Sürec Film, the company behind recent international successes Cennet and New Bride. 


Love Puzzle (Darısı Başımıza) is a romantic drama produced by Gold Film, that follows the affairs of two sisters looking for love. Öykü and her boyfriend Cem are preparing to return home to Turkey to marry having met in London, but on discovering that he has been cheating, Öykü falls in to the arms of another –  the only problem is that the new man Ozan, is Cem’s brother.


Meanwhile Öykü’s spinster sister Rüya is on her own mission to win the heart of a man she has long obsessed over. But when she employs a love expert to help her, his advice only serves to confuse matters and Rüya finds herself with her own heart in tangles.


Both series will premiere on Turkey’s Show TV in late July, a channel that has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in the past year owing to ratings-topping series such as Insider (Icerde) and New Bride (Yeni Gelin).


“We are really excited to welcome these two new titles in to our catalogue. As well as the heartfelt, raw emotion that is a hallmark of Turkish drama, these series have a feel-good touch which we are seeing a greater demand for in the market. The success of a show such as New Bride on international channels demonstrates that even lighter Turkish series can travel well,” said Handan Özkubat, Head of Eccho Rights’ Istanbul office.


Eccho Rights distributes ready-mades and formats worldwide from offices in Stockholm, Istanbul, Madrid and Manila.