Globo’s miniseries ‘Above Justice’ premiered with great ratings in Chile’s Mega network. The impressive plot about four people arrested in the same night and seven years later have to start their lives over again, aired at 11:40 p.m. and led the ratings for the time slot. Praised by the Chilean media, the miniseries was the fourth show most seen in the country. And the second and third episodes again took the lead in the days that followed.


Nominated this year for the International Emmy Award for Drama Series and Best Performance by an Actress, for the work of Adriana Esteves (‘Brazil Avenue’), ‘Above Justice’ has also generated a lot of online buzz: the #JusticiaXMega hashtag made it to Twitter’s Trending Topics both during the miniseries’ premiere and the second day.


On the first episode of the miniseries, the Chilean public was introduced to the story of Vicente (Jesuíta Barbosa, ‘Dangerous Liaisons’), the disturbing and violent son of a wealthy businessman. When the young man’s father loses everything, his fiancé Isabela (Marina Ruy Barbosa, ‘Total Dreamer’) starts to question their relationship and ends up getting involved with someone else. When he catches them together, Vicente shoots and kills Isabela – a crime for which he is sentenced to prison. Seven years later, Elisa (Débora Bloch, ‘Brazil Avenue’), who has not overcome her daughter’s death, prepares her revenge against Vicente, who has just been released from jail. However, she will have to face her own doubts about her decision when she finds out that the young man now has a new wife and a small daughter.


On the following day, the public was introduced to Fatima (Adriana Esteves), a simple and hard-working housemaid whose life gets turned upside down after being unjustly accused of hiding drugs at her home. After paying for a crime she did not commit, she will have to start her life over without her husband – who died while she was in jail – and find her children, who have gone missing.