Traditional media in most countries are being seriously challenged by digital platforms, as viewers so often prefer to view video content and breaking news online or on portable devices and they opt for on-demand menus instead of linear schedules. This digital migration has also hit Asia at all cost.

FOX+ the latest streaming service to arrive in Asia is taking the region by storm since its launch in Philippines and Singapore early this year and now in Taiwan. Zubin, said that FOX movies seen in the new platform will be released one year ahead from other subscription services.

Recently, FOX+ collaborated with Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecom company in Taiwan to launch the service in the region. Accessible from any IOS and Android device, including Android TV, at any time any-where, the new service will feature three types of content – entertainment, Live sport and documentaries with more than 10,000 hours of programming and 1,500 programmes.

FOX+ viewers will have access to popular content from global moviestudios and television channels as well as original FOX programming such as National Geographic original series, Diana: In Her Own Words, 綻放 真台灣 (Taiwan to the World) Season 5 and 台灣菁英戰士 (Taiwan’s Elite Warriors). In addition, viewers can enjoy English Hollywood movies such as X-Men: Apocalypse, Trolls and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. What’s more, TV hit series including The Walking Dead Season 8 will be available on the same day as the global premier in the U.S. in October. With The Emmy Awards concluding yesterday, viewers can binge watch every season of nominated and winning shows on FOX+ such as Atlanta, Feud: Bette and Joan, American Horror Story and Homeland.

Fans of Chinese and Asian entertainment can enjoy a series of specially curated shows including Korean dramas such as 鬼怪 (Goblin), 王在相愛 (The King in Love), and 主 君的太陽 (Master’s Sun); Chinese variety shows comprising 奔跑吧 兄弟 (Running Man China) and 奔跑 吧 (Keep Running); in-house variety shows consisting of the brand new 歌神請上車 (Car-aoke Talent) Season 2, 歡樂智多星 (Witty Star), 一袋女王 (Lady Commander Plus), 旅行應 援團 (Travel Cheering Squad), and 瘋神無雙 (Super Funny Show); as well as Japanese dramas like 熟女 正青春 (Lady Girls). Popular Chinese box offi ce hits including 春嬌救志明 (Love off the Cuff), 擺渡人 (See You Tomorrow), S風暴 (S Storm), 使徒行 者 (Line Walker) are all also available on FOX+.

That’s not all! Sports fans in Taiwan will be able to enjoy a range of games either on the go on their mobile devices, or from the comfort of their own homes in front of their Android TV. October features the baseball playoffs with three major league games: CPBL, NPB and MLB.

How has FOX + evolved since its launch early 2017 in terms of subscribers and region? Also, projections of how it will continue to grow in contribution to FNG’s overall business in the entertainment industry?

Zubin: Creating great content is in our DNA and we recognise that there is multi-touch point fragmented consumption across key segments. With various consumer screen sizes, FOX has now extended its play and gone deeper at the individual levelwith FOX+, offering consumers content at their own convenience.

FOX+ is the only video-streaming service in Asia that combines TV series, movies and Live sports, in one place, accessible from any device, at any time and in HD. With a combination of fi rst-run Hollywood blockbusters and hit Chinese series and movies, FOX+ is the ultimate destination for entertainment. Since we launched FOX+ in The Philippines and Singapore, we have seen positive results and rising consumer appetite for the on-demand product. We built on this momentum with our recent Taiwan launch and in the coming weeks we look forward to rolling the product out in Hong Kong.

Beyond market launches, the FOX+ offering has evolved with an increase in superior quality and availability of world-class content. This includes original FOX programming such as National Geographic series, Genius and Mars, and blockbuster movies such as Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse, and popular U.S. drama series such as Homeland and 24 Legacy. We are also one of the first to take on the hyper-local strategy, with the recent creationof specialised local content with National Geographic in Taiwan, Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 across Asia, and Chinese original production in China and Hong Kong with the highly anticipated Trading Floor and Stained.

While we see the app streaming business as a potential new revenue stream, we also see it complementing the pay-TV business across the region, providing consumers with even more options to consume great entertainment backed by seamless user experience.

FOX + has the breadth and depth in terms of content. How will it compete or not with other providers such as HOOQ, Viu, ifl ix just to name a few?

Zubin: With over 20 years’ experience in Asia, we have the advantageous position of knowing and understanding what our evolving consumer wants and we are well positioned to offer the best entertainment experience to our consumers.