NHK President Ryoichi Ueda elected as ABU Vice-President Chengdu(China).  The General Assembly of the ABU, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China on November 3rd-4th has appointed Ryoichi Ueda, President of NHK, to the post of ABU Vice-President. The ABU is the international organization of broadcasters of the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Ueda’s term will be for three years from January 1st.

Comment from NHK President Ryoichi Ueda “The management environment of our industry is facing the most drastic transformation we have ever experienced, due to digitalization and the spread of the internet. As president of NHK, I pledge to share our experience with ABU members, and to do whatever we can to contribute to the development of the broadcasting industry in the Asia-Pacific region.”

This year’s General Assembly discussed such wide-ranging questions as the future role of broadcasting and other media in times of uncertainty amid the growing influence of social and other new media, and the management reforms and other issues now confronting broadcasting stations due to the fusion of broadcasting and telecommunication services.