360° VR Film reveals realities of adoption and foster care

Award - winning director Ben Perry executes a 360° virtual reality film to raise awareness of children’s experiences of foster care and adoption.

360° VR Film adoption Ben Perry foster care

The arresting film for The Cornerstone Partnership gives viewers a piercing insight into the realities of children from broken homes who start new lives with foster families. It’s a ground-breaking venture for technology and social care, by award-winning director Ben Perry.

Orchestrated by The Cornerstone Partnership, EY London Venture, Visyon, and Ben Perry, the five-minute experience pushes the boundaries of immersive technology to combat the shortage of skilled foster carers in London. The experience recently premiered at an exclusive event in the capital that saw leading figures from the world of children’s social care, film, and technology come together.


The film opens with a haunting narration of a young person recounting their neglectful childhood. Viewers are transported into the worlds of four young children, each living with individual abusive and dysfunctional families. We see their journeys develop as they grow into adolescence – with some encountering emotional isolation, violence, and drug use. However, in an uplifting change of direction, we see the children begin an alternative future through fostering and adoption. Signs of positive growth appear as they integrate into nurturing and stable environments.


Visyon approached award-winning director, Ben Perry, who is represented by hobnob, to execute the film. Working off an open brief, Ben wrote the creative, which was informed by recorded conversations with caseworkers and domestic abuse survivors.


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