Paris – A century after the October Revolution in Russia, the Russian Content Revolution is taking place and will be in the spotlight at MIPCOM2017.  World Premiere Screenings, a series of International Screenings, conferences and networking opportunities will bring fresh high-end content from Russia to the attention of global TV industry.

“This autumn marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Two of its protagonists were Lenin and Trotsky. Channel One will showcase on this occasion the docu-drama about Lenin based on previously-unseen archives, while Trotsky will be presented to audiences as the hero of a drama series,” said Konstantin Ernst, CEO of Channel One Russia, producer of the series Trotsky.

The World Premiere Screening of “Trotsky”, presented by Channel One and Sreda Production, will be the flagship event of the Russian Content Revolution showcase. Its creators hope the series will be an international hit due to its high production values, compelling script, and its complex lead character.

Konstantin Ernst will attend the event to present the project, along with Alexander Tsekalo, General Producer of Sreda Production and producer of the series, and its main stars, Konstantin Khabensky, who plays Trotsky, and Olga Sutulova.

The World Premiere of “Trotsky” will be supported by the Russian Export Centre that is organizing the Made In Russia national pavilion at MIPCOM, which will mostly host animation companies but also a number of series producers, including Sreda, Sputnik Vostok Production, and Red Carpet Studio.

“Russian content producers are already well-known for the high quality of their product and Russian studios have gained a strong reputation in foreign markets. Media content producers and production studios are being supported by the Russian Export Centre as part of our ongoing efforts to promote digital content exports,” said Petr Fradkov, CEO of the Russian Export Centre.

NTV Broadcasting Company will have a showcase of its fresh content at MIPCOM that includes a special event at the Opening Gala and an International Screening of “The Road to Calvary”.An adaptation of Aleksey Tolstoy’s novel, it tells the story of two sisters through the tragic times of 1914–1919 encompassing World War I, the Russian Revolution, and civil war. Two young stars of Russian TV and cinema, Anna Chipovskaya and Yulia Snigir, who play the two sisters, will present the project on stage along with Timur Weinstein, General Producer of NTV Channel.