MIPCOM 2017, Cannes, France – INSIGHT TV, the world’s largest UHD broadcaster and producer of native UHD HDR content covering action sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, has announced that the new format for its seven-part reality series THRU will be available to broadcasters and production companies at MIPCOM 2017, held in Cannes, France, 16th – 19th October.

The show will be demoed on a show-reel at Insight TV’s stand throughout the event. Viewers will be gripped as teams’ trek across daunting landscapes following a straight line from point A to point B. Each team starts at opposite ends and travels in opposite directions. They face difficult obstacles and physical challenges by trekking directly over, under, and through buildings, drop-offs, swamps and pools. The team that takes the shortest route will be the team that survives and thrives.