Singapore – Films help us to understand cultures and people through stories that documents who we are and our society at the time. To honour timeless classics and their artistry, the 28th Singapore International Film Festival will celebrate the 15th anniversary of two iconic films of Singapore cinema – Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid and Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen’s TalkingCock The Movie – under its Singapore Panorama section. It will also cast a spotlight on the trend-setting Asian spy genres between 1950s and early 1980s in its Classics section titled Secret Spies Never Die!  in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

A country with its quirks and all, it is no surprise that I Not Stupid (2002) by Jack Neo and TalkingCock The Movie (2002) by Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh earned a place in the hearts of audiences in the wake of their releases, with authentic on-screen portrayals of the Singapore society back in the day.


From Jack Neo’s social commentary of hot button topics in a high-strung nation such as the education system, to the irreverent imagining of local archetypes and affairs of Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh, the two domestic dramas sparkle with originality and confidence as they poke good-natured fun at Singaporeans, their obsessions, and local politics – an approach rarely seen in Singapore at that time.


SGIFF Executive Director, Yuni Hadi, said, “Local social satire was at its infancy then and I Not Stupidand TalkingCock The Movie struck a chord with the local audience because these films were one of the firsts that engaged with subjects close to the hearts of Singaporeans in a humorous but honest lens. This approach sparked discussions and created a relevance to the role of Singapore film. Congratulations to Jack Neo, Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh on their films’ 15th year milestone.”