ITV2 has commissioned Keshet UK’s new high-concept comedy entertainment show, Celebrity Showmance (6 x 60’). Narrated by UK comedian, actor and rapper Doc Brown, Celebrity Showmance sees six single celebrities paired into three very unlikely ‘couples’ who go to hilarious lengths to convince the public that they’re in a real, romantic relationship.


In each episode, the three new celebrity couples: Chloe Sims (TOWIE) & 5ive pop star Abz Love, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey & footballer Jamie O’Hara, and Hollywood actress Hayley Hasselhoff & Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore) are set a series of ridiculous challenges to attract maximum social media attention. The celebrity duos must act out scenarios inspired by the classic phases and iconic images associated with famous celebrity couples from the past. From “We’re not Dating… Honest!” through “The Honeymoon Phase”, to the ultimate explosive “Break Up”, each task culminates in a photo or video, which the celebrities must post across their social media.


Then the race is on to get the highest number of likes and comments as, unlike any other TV game show, the public are the unwitting judges – awarding points without even knowing it. The couple with the highest score at the end of the series is declared the ultimate Celebrity Showmance. Fusing television and social media, Celebrity Showmance is a whirlwind of parties and Instagram feeds, shining a spotlight on the crazy world of celebrity relationships.