Global skills shortage puts IoT development at risk, says Inmarsat. 60% IoT skills deficit in cybersecurity, 46% IoT skills deficit in analytics and data science. The latest research from global satellite communications provider Inmarsat, has identified that a significant proportion of global enterprises lack IoT skills at different levels in their organisations, as well as in key technical disciplines, which risks jeopardising the success of their IoT deployments and the security of their data.

As part of Inmarsat’s ‘The Future of IoT in Enterprise – 2017 report, market research specialist Vanson Bourne interviewed 500 senior IT decision makers from major organisations across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. 76 per cent of those surveyed reported that they needed additional staff at a senior, strategic level with the skills to set the objectives and priorities for IoT deployments. Additionally, 72 per cent of respondents identified a shortage of staff with management-level experience of IoT deployments, and 80 per cent lacked skills in the hands-on delivery of IoT solutions, to ensure that the solutions work as intended.

The shortage of staff with IoT-focused skills extends to specific technical disciplines. 60 per cent of respondents reported that they required additional staff experienced in cybersecurity to handle the vast quantities of data that IoT solutions generate; 46 per cent identified a deficit of staff with experience in analytics and data science; and around half (48 per cent) lacked the technical support skills needed to make their IoT projects successful.