London-NBC Universal International Formats announces the worldwide sales launch of Singer Auctiona new vocal talent format co-developed with Thailand’s Zense Entertainment. Singer Auction is a primetime entertainment format, which gives unknown vocalists the opportunity to showcase their talents to the nation. The first-ever vocal talent auction, each episode sees five celebrities go head-to-head in a bidding war for four singing contestants. Given only two random clues and no sense of their vocal ability, the celebrities must decide how much of their allocated funds they are willing to bid to represent these vocal talents. After each auction closes, the celebrities finally get the chance to hear their contestants sing and the studio audience must cast their vote on the quality of each performance. The celebrities also have one last chance to trade in their singer to bid for another, if they do not feel certain they have won over the audience. The singer with the highest audience score wins a cash prize equal to the celebrity bid they received.


This new format recently debuted in Thailand and is currently winning its weekly primetime timeslot on Channel 3. NBCUniversal International Formats will begin worldwide network conversations later this year.