Another Globo telenovela gets ready to conquer France. Featuring a laid-back and lively love story between Mario (Bruno Gagliasso, ‘Merciless’) and Alice (Giovanna Antonelli, ‘Rules of the Game’), ‘Rising Sun’ was recently licensed to France Ô and Outremer Première, to be aired in overseas French territoriesacross more than 20 countries. As references in telenovelas and long-standing partners of Globo, the networks are part of France Télévisions, a French public television group that has already invested in other productions from the Brazilian company, such as ‘Brazil Avenue’, ‘Trail of Lies’ and ‘TheClone’.

Mario ( Bruno Glagliasso ) e Alice ( Giovanna Antonelli ) *** Local Caption *** Mario ( Bruno Glagliasso ) e Alice ( Giovanna Antonelli )

Dubbed in French, ‘Rising Sun’ will surely captivate, amuse and move audiences from both networks. Italian and Japanese cultures mesh together with the charm and joy of the Brazilian people, setting the tone for a love story between two childhood friends bound together throughout different generations. The plot takes place in the fictional Arraial do Sol Nascente, a charming resort town filled with breathtaking beaches, excitement and romance – the perfect backdrop for Mario and Alice to fall in love, despite their different personalities, as their families come closer together.