Madrid and Biarritz, France – Showcasing the adrenaline-filled world of big wave surfing, the Olympic Channel presents Shredding Monsters. To celebrate the worldwide premiere of Shredding Monsters, the 44-minute documentary will be featured this evening at a surf-studded, “blue carpet” event and film screening at the Municipal Casino Theatre in Biarritz, France on the occasion of the 2017 ISA World Surfing Games.

Shredding Monsters follows a group of surfing friends as they descend on the Portuguese fishing village of Nazaré to surf what they expect to be the biggest swell of the year. Told through the eyes of five athletes who push their personal mental and physical limits chasing these oceanic beasts, Shredding Monsters features big wave world record holder Garrett McNamara,Jamie Mitchell (Winner of WSL Nazaré Challenge 2016), Hugo Vau, Andrew Cotton and Alessandro Marciano.

“You feel part of something much greater when you’re on a giant wave, but you also feel so insignificant,” said McNamara.

“It’s the extreme of the extreme,” said Mitchell. “What we do as a big wave surfer is as crazy as it gets.”