In a creative project that brings awareness to the alarming number of endangered tigers left in the wild, Goodoil Films director Justin McMillan and Heckler editor Andrew Holmes have teamed up to create a series of powerful documentary films for Tiger Beer. In a quest to save the brand’s revered mascot, the campaign titled ‘3890 Project’ (the number of wild tigers left in the world), saw Tiger Beer saddle up with not-for-profit WWF to create a series of gritty documentary films. Spotlighting six street artists from six countries, the films tackle the plight of tigers, using uncaged art to fight the illegal tiger trade by bringing the majestic creature’s cause to city streets around the world.


The shoot took McMillan and a documentary crew on a whirlwind three-week crusade to interview street artists Nick Gentry (London), Tran Nguyen (Los Angeles) Momo (Marseille), Nootk (Moscow), Kenji Chai (Kuala Lumpur) and Hua Tunan (in Foshan, China). The documentaries, narrated by LA rap artist Dumbfoundead, see each of the artists express what the extinction of wild tigers means to them.

Says McMillan: “The biggest challenge we faced on this project was how do we make six street artist from major cities around the globe (some of which hardly speak English) become informed and engaged when talking about Tigers becoming extinct in the wild?”

“These days social media has become incredibly noisy when it comes to getting behind a good cause so for the 3890 campaign to hold its own I wanted to cast a front man who was a little unexpected,” McMillan explained.