The modern-day fairy tale Total Dreamer is ready to conquer new territories. Upbeat and modern, the telenovela is the latest release of Unimás, the Latino broadcast television network based in the U.S. Fun and full of romance, it is scheduled to air on June 13 at 8 p.m. in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
The recently licensed product rekindles the partnership between Globo and the U.S. network, and strengthens the Brazilian network’s storytelling power across Latin audiences by delivering quality productions, groundbreaking content and the talent of local superstars such as Juliana Paes and Humberto Martins, from ‘India – A Love story’.
A guaranteed smash hit wherever it airs, ‘Total Dreamer’ was released by Globo in January and is part of its 2017 catalogue that will be presented at NATPE Budapest 2017, in June. Ever since the telenovela has been winning over the global market. In addition to the U.S., various countries and regions – and different cultures— are getting ready to broadcast the story that swept Brazilian and Portuguese audiences off their feet, including Georgia, Dubai, French West Africa, Uruguay, El Salvador, Israel and India.
The telenovela’s delicate, youthful and fun plot tells the story of Elisa (Marina Ruy Barbosa, ‘Empire’), a humble girl who must overcome many obstacles to win a beauty pageant in order to turn her life around and help her family. At the same time, the young girl will have to decide who her true love is. It is a romantic comedy targeting different audiences and generations, featuring a plot that can please the whole family.
Featuring scenes filmed in breathtaking landscapes in Australia and Uruguay, ‘Total Dreamer’ has reached over 182 million viewers while it was aired in Brazil.
The telenovela also stood out in Brazil for its cross-platform initiatives, which added to the fans’ experience by featuring exclusive content online.
Globo will be at VB 22 during the 2017 NATPE Budapest.